Compaction Rollers

Six Weeks of Only Standing or Lying Down?

It is critical that patients who have undergone lumbar surgery do not sit or bend in the important six weeks post operative period.These ALCO Recovery Beds allow patients to rest, relax and socialise without having to sit or bend. Using a conventional bed is often unsatisfactory and frustrating for patients who wish to resume participation in normal family life.

Many say that getting in and out of bed after fusion surgery is one of the most intimidating and difficult aspects of the recovery process.

This recovery bed is specially designed for post operative recuperation of spinal fusion and lumbar laminectomy patients, it alleviates this problem and allows the patient complete and independent freedom of movement without exerting pressure on the spinal area.

The Recovery Bed is made of robust but lightweight steel and is fitted with wheels. It can easily be moved from room to room or outside into the garden. There is a table attached to the bed which is ideal for the placement of meals, books and other requirements. Life resumes an almost normal pattern....receive and make calls on your mobile phone, control what you watch by operating the TV remote, communicate with those nearest and dearest to you, or soak up the fresh air in the garden.
The bed consists of a foam mattress on a firm surface, fitted into a steel fame. The patient steps onto a level area attached to the base and then slowly swings the bed back into the desired position. The bed can be tilted within the fame from a vertical position to a 60° angle or a horizontal position.